What are Wood Floors and Parquet Floors?

The use of wood, exposed rocks, and other exposed original materials is a representation of Indonesia’s natural wealth in its tropical climate. This makes wood floors or often called parquet to become trending in the world of Indonesian architecture. wood floors and parquet floors are now very diverse types and applications, some are used in indoor flooring, decking, and stairs. While the use of the same material can be applied in pergolas, facades, to interior accessories such as gratings.


What are Wood Floors and Parquet Floors?

Wood floors and parquet floors are a collection of wood chips that can be in the form of original wood or wood chips that have been pressed in such a way that is applied on concrete floors, can be applied in the interior or exterior. This floor covering is one of the decorative elements applied in residential, villa, hotel, and sometimes office buildings.

Although it sounds the same, wood and parquet floors have different meanings. Parquet flooring is a piece of wood that has a profile on its sides to be interlocked with each other when applied and reinforced using a nail gun. For parquet, it is divided into 2, namely a solid parquet and an engineered parquet. Whereas wood flooring is a unit of intact wood installed with each other using screws.

Parquet Floor Type

Before discussing wood floors and further parquet floors, you should know the following 2 types of parquet floors:

  1. Parquet Solid

It is a parquet floor that uses 100% original wood in its application. The wood used is teak, Merbau, bangkirai, ulin, and sonokeling. Solid parquet itself has 2 types, namely solid FJ and solid FJL. Solid FJ is a solid parquet that uses one whole wood per one module without any other wooden connections that are placed horizontally. Solid FJL is a solid parquet that uses some wood that is connected to one module at a time. Visually visible from the bulkhead at the vertical line. The price comparison between solid FJ and solid FJL is quite significant reaching a ratio of 1: 2.

  1. Parquet Engineered

It is a type of parquet that has a thin layer (veneer) in the first layer, while underneath there is a layer of multiplexor plywood for reinforcement. The wood used in engineered parquet includes teak, rosewood, white-oak, and whole nut.