Tips for Choosing a Good Wallpaper wall design on the wall

wallpaper wall design

The functions of wallpaper on the wall are to give a touch of color to the wall that makes the room become colorful and unbored. If you want to optimize this function, try the following tips in choosing a good wallpaper wall design on the wall below.

  1. Harmonize with the Concept and Function of the Room

Before choosing a wallpaper,  you can determine the concept of the room you want to realize. Think carefully, what kind of atmosphere you want to be highlighted in the room, whether the nuances are colorful, calmer, or just want formal ones. This step will help you be more focused when choosing wallpaper.

Formal rooms generally use achromatic colors, namely a combination of light and dark colors, such as white, black, or gray. The children’s playroom uses a cute bright colored motif. Meanwhile, the bedroom needs to be calm feel by filling it with soft pastel colors.

  1. Pay attention to the composition of the room

For small or mini-sized rooms, the application of wallpaper should be done only on one side of the room. Leave the other side by matching colors. The purpose of this is to create a dimension of space so that the minimalist-sized room still seems relieved.

Larger rooms, you can be more free in choosing wallpapers. Most importantly, remember to keep adjusting the selected wallpaper with the concept and function of the room.

  1. Make sure the Wallpaper Installed in harmony with the Room Filler Furniture

The harmony between wallpaper and furniture in the room is very important. So you need to make sure the colors don’t collide with each other. If your furniture has a heavy accent, you should choose wallpaper with neutral or soft colors, and vice versa. That way, they will balance each other.

  1. Considering Lighting Effects

In the house, there is some area that is directly exposed to sunlight and some aren’t. To create a room that seems spacious and bright, you can choose brightly colored wallpapers. If your room uses the warm light color then the orange, yellow or gold wallpaper will be more suitable, because it can highlight the color.

  1. Adjust with Character

Choosing wallpaper cannot be separated from psychological factors, which means you need to determine the motif and color correctly. So, choose the wallpaper that best suits your likes and the whole family. Especially for wallpapers that are applied in the family room, considering that in this room families usually gather and enjoy time together

  1. Tips for Choosing Wallpaper wall design on the walls in the Living Room

The wallpaper is an image attached to the wall of the room. There are several types and materials used in making the wallpaper on the wall. Some basic materials that often been used are vinyl and paper. If the material from vinyl is already widely available in the market and these materials are usually used and chosen by people who will make wallpaper.