The usefulness and advantages of DZ09 Smartwatch

Smartwatch or DZ09 Smartwatch launched by Onix. This smartwatch is very useful for us people who don’t want to miss various information or notifications from our gadgets.

DZ09 Smartwatch

Because, this dz09 smartwatch can be connected to your gadget, both iOS and Android users. DZ09Smartwatch is connected with a gadget via a Bluetooth connection and is not available when connected via portable hotspots and wifi.

Now, what can be done by a smartwatch when connected to a gadget?

Receive gadget notifications

All of your gadgets notations will be read smartwatch when Bluetooth is connected. But that won’t happen if your gadget doesn’t have the BT Notification application. So you have to download the application first on the Google Play store.

Receive a call

A call that enters your smartwatch can be lifted via a smartwatch. So you don’t have to bother taking a gadget in your pants pocket or a bag. If you use a smartwatch you just click on the smartwatch button and chat directly with friends.

Make an outgoing call

This dz09 smartwatch model can also make outgoing calls. Because this smartwatch provides a GSM sim card slot. Not only that, this smartwatch can make outgoing calls even if you use a sim card on your gadget directly.

See music and videos

Dz09 smartwatch is also available with a sold SD Card so you can store various data. Not only that, even though your videos and music are on the gadget. You can also listen through this smartwatch.


Don’t miss your important events just because you overslept, forgot, and so on. Because this smartwatch also has an alarm feature too.


For you sportsmen or runners who like to count how long you run. This Dz09 is suitable for you.

Cheap price

The price of this dz09 smartwatch is priced at Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 200,000. With a variety of advantages above, this smartwatch is arguably very cheap. Using the DZ09 Smartwatch in the current era, besides adding to your appearance, it’s also very useful to help with daily activities.