Natural remedies to overcome insomnia

If you currently experience difficulty when sleeping, you may have thought of buying sleeping pills at a pharmacy. But before you buy drugs you should be able to treat the performance of the drug and its side effects. Taking sleeping pills is not the same as taking other drugs to work properly and safely in the body. If you are still unsure, you can choose to take natural sleeping pills.

Why Can’t I sleep? It turns out that there are so many reasons you can’t sleep. Starting from stress, depression, consumption of bad food. To overcome your problem of insomnia, it would be better if you try to know some natural sleeping pills.

  1. Valerian root

This herbal plant originating from mainland Europe can be one of the natural sleeping pills for you. The experts have mentioned that if you consume 300 to 900 mg of Valerian root before you sleep it can cause drowsiness faster and can improve the quality of your sleep.

  1. Foods that can trigger melanin production

There are several foods that can trigger melanin production, as milk, almonds, cheese, walnuts, lettuce, tuna, and cherries. This can be natural sleeping pills. By consuming these foods, it can overcome the problem of your sleeplessness. Various types of food can increase melanin levels in the brain so that it can accelerate you to sleep well.

  1. Eat foods that contain magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral content in the body. This content serves to help the brain and heart performance. Apart from that this content also has a relaxing effect which can adjust your biological clock like the hours to sleep.
The studies showed that someone who lacks magnesium levels in their body is more likely to experience insomnia. Magnesium is one of the natural and easily found sleeping pills in nuts, spinach, milk, avocados, mustard greens and fish.

Thus are a few natural sleeping pills that you can try at home. So that your sleep problems will be resolved soon and can sleep comfortably.