Can You Feed a Cat with Raw Eggs?

can cats eat eggs

Who has a cat at home?

What foods do you usually give to your cat?

Two types of cat food are often given, they are wet food and dry food. However, cats are also usually given raw fish. Some cats are given raw eggs. can cats eat eggs?

Come on, find out the answer!

Eat Raw Food

Cats are one of animals that eat meat. In the wild, a true cat never it a cook food. They eat a raw food because they can not cook. However, an owner of a home cat change their habit by giving them a cooked or instant food.

Eat Raw Eggs

Eggs contain many vitamins that are good for humans and cats. In eggs, especially chicken eggs, there are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, and C. Therefore, cats are allowed to eat raw eggs, but the only part of the egg that can be eaten is the yellow one or known as egg yolk.

What wrong with the egg white?

Egg whites contain avidin which use to protect the growth of egg yolk from disrupting bacteria. However, if avidin binds to biotin (an element of the formation of vitamin B), the body will be deficient in vitamin B. Therefore, the cat should not be fed egg white.

Even though it has good content for the cat’s body, we have to limit the provision of raw egg yolks. Give raw egg yolks as a supplementary food. It could be better if we cook the egg first before give it to the cat. However it will be much better if we could provide special cat food or meat stew.