Beware of Sinusitis Can Be Transmitted Like Flu

Sinusitis is a type of disease that is indicated by symptoms of difficulty breathing and pressure on the face that causes pain. Usually, someone who suffers from sinusitis will experience a cold, sneeze, and cough. Maybe, many have been asked whether is a sinus infection contagious? It turns out, sinusitis can also spread like flu.

Before knowing more about sinusitis transmission, you should first understand what is sinusitis. Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation that appears on the sinus wall. One of the causes of sinusitis is bacteria. When the patient is attacked by sinusitis, the part of the sinus will be blocked and filled with mucus. Over time the bacteria develop and cause an infection in the sinuses.

Sinusitis can occur in adults and children. But it’s easier for adults to experience it. If you experience sinus infection lasts for 10-14 days, then possibly its cause by bacteria. Precisely this type of sinusitis is not contagious. The sinusitis that caused by a virus can spread to other people. The sinusitis virus that spreads won’t directly infect the surrounding people. Usually, the virus only move to few people with low immune system. The better immune system of person follow by the better resistance to sinus infections.

When the sinusitis virus enters the body and infects it, the first symptoms will appear is cold. If person’s immune system can fight the virus, the symptoms will recover gradually. But if antibodies cannot counteract the virus, the virus will continue to develop and become sinusitis. Although, the chances of infectiousness tend to be small, the chance of contracting sinusitis still exists. So we still need to watchful.

For this reason, you need take more attention to your cold. The symptoms of cold and sinusitis tend to be same. Symptoms of a cold can be experienced for two to three days with a blocked nose and runny nose. While sinusitis symptoms last longer about 7 days or more accompanied by pain around the nose and forehead.